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Invition to the New JED

2009-06-30 17:11:38 by JoaoB

I don't know what happenned with Erja and Dunso to do not respond any PMs I sended, then I though they abandoned the JED Studios.

Now I'm inviting 2 new users to JED Studios.
I need 1 user with nick beginning with E and 1 user with nick beginning with D. The reason of this is to keep the name JED coerent (JoaoB, Erja, Dunso).
One need to be good with background art and the other with pixel art.

Enjoy to join!

Please, talk a good English, because I'm not from a country that speaks English, then sometimes I don't understand what do you say.

Need Collabs

2008-09-25 11:21:29 by JoaoB

I need collaborators to make my next game: Polar Maze

It's a platform game that you can use Polar Energy to solve some puzzles.